After All – The Movie

After All-The Movie is based on a true story.

Sometimes in life, you think your world is perfect.  You think you have everything you could possibly want.  But in a heartbeat, it all comes crumbling down.  That’s when you realize you didn’t have what you thought to begin with.  Only in the dark do we see the light, and it’s this light that will guide you back to true happiness.

Two lives cross paths… one younger, one older.  They instantly form a strong bond unlike any other.  Their friendship grows into a platonic love stronger than any “romantic couple” could ever hope for.  Many obstacles and struggles are thrown in their way, and with each having their own insecurities, the perfect world they thought they had starts to unravel.  One turns to drugs to relieve the pain and the other soon follows, complicating both their lives when they were only trying to make things better.  They continue to grow closer with lines and boundaries being blurred, but never crossed.  Their own jealousy of one another, combined with the outside influences of others, finally tear them apart.

A strange twist of fate brings them back together, as they find themselves losing everything and everyone, and they only have each other to depend on.  But is this enough to hold them together?  As they continue a dangerous path in self-destruction, they find themselves torn apart again.  A horrific tragedy soon throws them back together in an unlikely way, as both realize After All they’ve been through, just how much they actually mean to each other.

After All-The Movie is a story of pure love that’s never been told before… until now.

Why did I create a blog for After All-The Movie when the script isn’t complete?
Because it WILL be a movie.  I’m using this blog to record every step along the way, showing what it takes to put a story on paper and follow it to the Big Screen.

Who am I?
I’m Chuck.  I actually lived through this incredible story.  After All-The Movie is based on my true life events.  If you’d like to know more, leave a comment or send me a message.  You can click here to subscribe and follow this story from the beginning to end.

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